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Michel Achard

Welcome to my site. I am a Professor in the Linguistics department at Rice University where I teach courses in cognitive linguistics, Cognitive Grammar, Romance and French linguistics.  Here you will find information on my current research, list of publications, academic positions, classes etc.  I have also attempted to provide links to other related information that those interested in cognitive linguistics may find useful.

BTW- I’d like to thank my wife Melanie for her help in creating this site...

Cognitive Linguistics

Cognitive linguistics has only recently been organized into a coherent view of language production and comprehension, even though some of the ideas it espouses have been around for a long time. The model is articulated around the following somewhat simplified tenets presented here in no particular order.

My Research

The major part of my work makes use of the concepts developed within the theory of Cognitive Grammar (Langacker 1987, 1991, 2008). My earlier work was concerned with French sentential complements and intransitive predicates. I am currently interested in impersonals, middles, and other "defocusing" constructions in French and English.

I also have an interest in Second Language Acquisition and Language Pedagogy, particularly in the teaching of grammar in communicative methods.


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