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  • Forthcoming:  In preparation: "Impersonals and other defocusing constructions."
  • In preparation: “"The structural and functional domain of English and French impersonals.
  • In preparation: “"Constructional ecology: French cela, ça, ce and c’ from 1200-1850. "
  • Submitted: “"French breaking verbs: Two intransitive constructions”.
  • To appear: "Abstract locational subjects: Field and settings in French and English&rdquo. In Marja-Liisa Helasvuo and Tuomas Huumo (eds.). Cognitive and interactional perspectives on non-canonical subjects.
  • In press: “"Construal and perspective taking&rdquo”. In Peter Robinson (ed.). The Routledge Encyclopedia of SLA. Routledge.
  • In press: “"The impersonals value of demonstrative and middle constructions”&rdquo. In Myriam Bouveret and Dominique Legallois (eds.). French Constructions. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins.